Ernie Menehune - Hawaii's Suntanned Irishman

Most people outside of Tucson probably don't know about a little gem we have here named Ernie Menehune. He is a WWII veteran and bills himself as "Hawaii's Suntanned Irishman." Ernie lives on the outskirts of Tucson in Menehune Village, a compound that he built and planted with his own two hands decades ago.

Ernie is the consumate perfomer and has been performing with his Polynesian Review here in Tucson at Ye Ole Lantern for years (Ye Ole Lantern was one of Dean Shorts' restaurants, his other restaurants included the Kon Tiki, Pago Pago and Ports o' Call.) Unfortunately the Lantern closed down in 2006, fortunately we now have the opportunity to see Ernie perform again at the Kon Tiki here in Tucson.

Ernie's records can be found in the thrift stores around town pretty easily. It is however rather difficult to find a record that he has not been previously signed so we usually just have him resign them for us. He loves it when people bring in his old LP's, just a hint for anyone who might be coming to the show.

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Hear Ernie sing "Minoi Minoi"

Hear Ernie sing "To You Sweetheart Aloha"


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