Ernie Menehune - Hawaii's Suntanned Irishman
The photos and quotation below were provided by Siouxzan Perry, whose Father, Bob Perry, played guitar with Ernie Menehune. Many of these were taken at the long-gone restaurant Latitude 20° which was located in Torrance, CA.

"Ernie Menehune was always known to me as "Uncle Ernie". My Dad played lead guitar with him for years. My Dad was also a member of the Polynesian Society and played at and attended every Luau at the Latitude 20.. with my Mom. As a kid growing up I never could figure out why there was always strange food items in our fridge- Lomi Lomi Salmon, Poi.. Kalua Pig.. Jeepers.. Rattan furniture, grass mats, tiki gods everywhere.. and those haunting memories of my Dad singing to me as he played his guitar.. Princess Pupule, and the Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai......My Dad also played with Sam Kaapuni and the Polynesians. as well as Joe Keawe." ...... Siouxzan Perry

Siouxzan is the manager of Kitten Natividad, Tura Satana and many other stars of Russ Meyer films.

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Ernie swings
Joe Keawe, Bob Perry & Ernie
Ernie Honored
Ernie & Joe Keawe
The Band
The Waikiki Twins
Ernie & The Girls
The Girls
Ernie at Latitude 20°
The Girls
Bob Perry & Friends